Eco League

Bayern Brewing firmly believe in sustainable business practices and environmental responsibility. It just makes sense. This page provides details of the Eco League and how you can return bottles from Bayern Brewing (and other qualifying breweries) to be reused.

Get an Ecopack and join the Bayern ecoleague! – Every bottle deserves another round.

• $3 deposit gets you a Bayern Ecopack – a sturdy waxed-cardboard box available at the brewery or participating retail locations (see below).

• Fill the Ecopack with 24 qualifying bottles in 4 Bayern carriers • 5¢ refund for each bottle returned in an Ecopack. Bottles must meet the requirements stated on the Ecopack. See Ecopack for details or read the qualifications below. Other Northwest brands’ beer bottles may qualify! Bottles returned to the brewery in other boxes (not an Ecopack) may be accepted for recycling but are not eligible for a refund.

• 10¢ refund for each carrier returned in good condition

• Exchange for an empty Ecopack each time you drop off a full one AT

BAYERN BREWING ONLY! (PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF AT PARTICIPATING RETAIL LOCATIONS!) You may also get the $3 deposit back for the Ecopack should you decide to simply return it.

Bayern is attempting to reuse or recycle all its packaging material but your help is needed! The less packaging that ends up in the landfill, the better for the environment. Plus, it helps Bayern achieve our goal of being the most sustainable brewery in the Northwest USA.

Bayern EcoPack

Bayern EcoPack

Bottle Qualifications:

• Must be standard brown 12-oz. bottles
• Must be in good condition: no cracks or chips, no cigarette butts or     other garbage inside
• Must be pry-off: no twist off threads
• Must not have any embossing on the bottle (brand names, etc.)


Participating Retailers:

• Pattee Creek Market
Worden’s Market

Reminder: You can get an Ecopack at these locations but PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THEM, OR BOTTLES, TO THESE LOCATIONS!  Bring them to the brewery to get your refund as outlined above.

Do you have questions? Please feel free to stop by the brewery or call us during business hours (11 am to 8 pm – 7 days a week).